Susie Mathews

Australian PGA Professional



Susie provides lessons and group clinics to golfers of all ability levels at the Kooyonga Golf Club. Lesson and clinic bookings can be made by contacting Susie via email or phone (08) 8352 5444.

Coaching sessions are available on Fridays or at other times by request.

Golf LessonGolf LessonGolf Lesson

Playing Lessons

Two Hours On-Course

Playing lessons provide golfers with the opportunity to work on course management, troublesome shots, scoring and general on-course play. It is a great opportunity for a coach to see what happens when transferring skills from the practice fairway to the course. The feedback received from an on-course session as well as tips on how to improve the scoring shots can significantly help a golfer improve and achieve goals. These sessions can also help to enhance a golfers enjoyment of the game.

Group Golf Clinics

Clinics for Juniors & Adults

Small group sessions are a great way to learn the game with friends and have fun while playing golf. Groups can range in size and anyone interested in participating in a group session is encouraged to contact Susie to book a suitable time.

Junior Golf Clinic

Group Golf Clinic

Individual Lessons

Thirty Minutes or One Hour Sessions

Long game lessons involve the use of TrackMan and high speed cameras.

TrackMan is a radar unit which is able to track the flight of the ball. It provides information on the path of the club, club head speed, face angle, launch of the ball and spin rate along with a range of other parameters. All shots are able to be analysed in great detail which can assist with identifying areas to focus on.

Cameras allow a golfer to see their golf swing immediately after the completion of the swing. The golfer may be working on correcting a technical issue or wanting to determine a feeling from the swing that was just made. High speed cameras provide the ability to check various positions in the swing and compare the positions to the same positions of other successful golfers. Demonstrations via video can also help a golfer see what they are supposed to be doing which can enhance the effectiveness of a lesson.

Putting lessons usually involve the use of SAM PuttLab which is a radar unit that tracks the movement of a putter throughout a putting stroke. The unit focuses on aim, rotation, tempo and the strike on the putter face. The data generated can be analysed in detail and assists with the improvement of a golfers putting stroke.

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