Susie Mathews

Australian PGA Professional


Susie is a proud South Australian with Sir George Hubert Wilkins as her famous ancestor.

Sir George Hubert Wilkins

Sir George Hubert Wilkins

Sir Hubert Wilkins

Harry (Henry) Wilkins (1837-1914) was born in a tent soon after his parents arrived in Australia on the ship 'Emma' which anchored in Napean Bay on 6 October 1836. Later in life Harry married Louisa and had thirteen children amongst who were Frank James Smith Wilkins and Sir George Hubert Wilkins, the famous antarctic explorer and pioneer of antarctic aviation. Susie is a direct descendent of Frank and a great great niece of Sir George Hubert Wilkins.

Key achievements by Sir Hubert Wilkins were the historic first Trans-Arctic airplane flight from Point Barrow in Alaska to Spitsbergen in Norway with pilot Ben Eielson in April 1928 (Sir Hubert Wilkins was knighted for this accomplishment in June 1928 by King George V of England), a historic airplane flight over the Antarctic in 1928 and commanding the first submarine to travel under the arctic pack ice in 1931.

Sir Hubert Wilkins has had many landmarks named after him including Wilkins Sound, Wilkins Coast, Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctica, the airport at Jamestown in South Australia, a road at the Adelaide Airport and the Wilkins Aerodrome which services the antarctic terminal for the intercontinental air service.

Location of Wilkins Aerodrome

70 kilometres south east of Casey & 700 metres above sea level

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